God paints this spectacular Autumn Sunrise in Sandbaai

Posted by Geoff on Wed May 14, 2014 in Sandbaai Travel fauna and flora.

Each morning we are blessed to wake up in an amazing location. You will love it too!

When staying at Mountain View Manor, you will be amazed at the beauty that sourrounds us. Morning and afternoons provide such wonderful photographic opportunities, spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Mornings are a special time of the day, as it hails the start of a new day, a clean slate with which we can do anything we want to. Pre-dawn is a special time of day is to me. It starts off quite, only the sound of the ocean in tehbackground, and then gradually the world awakes, the birds twittering and looking to catch the early worm, the guindea fowl and francolin's pop over the wall to forage for something yummy.  

Then the sky starts to lighten and its like watching and artist painting, the colours are brought to life as the sun rays land on them. Crisp, sharp and clear. All to soon the silence is lost as the more and more people awaken and get going with their daily activities.

In the video I had to share the amazing scene that I was looking at, the cold front coming through from the ocean, the sun painting the clouds, the ocean crashing against the shore, the birds so active. 

Pure beauty - come and visit, and you can also be amazed by each sunrise and sunset.

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