Click Click at Sandbaai Beach near Hermanus

Posted by Geoff on Wed June 25, 2014 in Hermanus fauna and flora.

On our recent walks along the Sandbaai ocean pathway, we kept hearing the click click sound from some type of frog. Read here and watch the video to find out more about what type of frog lives so near the ocean.

We could hear the unusual sound that these frogs were making, but we could never get to see one of these little creatures. 

Always wanting to learn, we contacted the Endangered Wildlife Trust to see if they could assist. Dr. Jeanne Tarrant, Manager: Threatened Amphibian Programme, responded quickly and identified the frog after viewing this short video which showed their habitat, as well as hearing the sound that they made.

"Your froggies are Clicking Stream Frogs, Strongylopus grayii. They are widespread across South Africa, and as the name suggests they sit around and “click”! They will make use of streams, rivers, dams, vleis, wetlands, garden ponds – not really fussy! Very interesting that they are that close to the sea."

Dr Jeanne sent us a pic of these allusive creatures, so that we knew what to look out for. The photo showed the most distinguishing feature - which is the extremely long back middle toe.

Well now we all know what they look like, what sound they make, what their name is, and the unusual location here in #andbaai, Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Do you love frogs? Or are you like so many people that are frightened of them!

Come and stay with us here at MountainViewManor guesthouse, and we can show you where to find them.

For further reading or to find out about these frogs go to SCARCE –  or visit Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWF). You can also do your bit for conservation and become a member or supporter of EWF!

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