Our Southern Right Whales never disappoint!!!

Posted by Charlise on Mon September 7, 2015 in Whale Watching in Walker Bay Hermanus.

The Southern Right Whales are full up in Walker Bay, Hermanus truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Arriving at Gearings Point in Walker Bay on a beautiful spring morning we immediately heard Eric the Hermanus Whale Crier blowing his kelp horn alerting visitors that the Southern Right Whales are in the bay.

Standing on the cliffs we saw a whale just off the rocks at the Old Harbour, wanting to get closer we made our way down the walk way to where the whale was playing in the kelp. Cameras ready we were delighted by the most incredible breaches just a few meters from where we were seated.

To our absolute delight we spotted about thirteen moms and babies in the bay rolling, playing and spyhopping giving the “spectators” visitors an incredible and unforgettable land based whale watching experience.