It's time to Taste Fine Wine

Posted by Charlise on Wed May 13, 2015 in Hermanus Wine Route.

Wine tasting in the Hemel en Aarde Valley? We have a couple of tips to try.

Ever wanted to know how exactly wine tasting works?

These are our four favourite "S" words to follow.

See... Look at the wine in front of a white background for example a serviette or napkin, a wall or piece of paper. Wines become darker with age especially White Wines, Red Wines tend to take on a browner hue.

Smell...Take a deep whiff of a wines aroma and try to identify at least two scents. The primary notes come from flowers, fruits and herbs. The secondary notes come from the fermentation process and yeast like aromas. The tertiary bouquets come from oxidation, aging and oak and can include aromas which are nutty, spicy and also may have a hint of vanilla.

Swirl...By swirlling the wine in the glass you increase the surface area. When doing this you allow oxygen into the wine and this allows the wine to release aromatics to identify a variety of scents. Wines that are higher in alcohol form more droplets on the inside of the glass.

Sip... Purse your lips and draw air into your mouth and exhale through your nose.This liberates the wines bouquet and allows it to reach the nose. Try to identify salty, sweet, sour and savoury tastes, pay attention to sensations such as weight, body and texture. Individual characteristics will come to conclusion and this will reflect in your wine tasting experience.

Cheers to happy wine tasting.