We just can’t get enough of our “Whale Fishes”

Posted by Charlise on Tue August 26, 2014 in Whale Watching in Walker Bay Hermanus.

We fondly refer to them as “Whale Fishes” when we are out and about on our sighting expeditions – and as per usual we were not disappointed.

After serving breakfast on Saturday, Geoff and I were ready for our weekly dose of whale watching along the coastal paths of Hermanus. On arrival at Walker Bay we were welcomed by a school or in this case a crèche of whales (moms and babies) playing in the bay. They were rolling with their fins fully visible and spyhopping to get a better look at their surroundings, delightful to experience.

We then decided to take a drive to a beautiful bay called “Kwaai Water” that we discovered on our travels near Voelklip. As we parked our car we saw a lot of splashing just behind the breakers. To our absolute amazement there was a huge mommy Southern Right teaching her calf how to Lobtail. (Lobtailing is another term for tail slapping, in which a whale forcefully slaps is tail flukes repeatedly on the ocean surface – this is a form of non-vocal communication.)

Armed with our camera’s the clicking started and it was quite a show to behold, the calf was so into his/her daily lesson that we went away with loads of great photo’s to share… Check out our article on Tips and To Do's when Whale Spotting.

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