What an awesome day discovering the Elgin Wine and Apple Valley.

Posted by Charlise on Mon March 2, 2015 in Elgin Valley.

Geoff and I were invited to the first "Instagetaway" in Elgin - Grabouw this weekend and what a great time we had!!!

We met our fellow "Instagram" peeps at Peregrine Farm Stall in Grabouw on Saturday for an Instagram outing into the Elgin Valley.

Our first stop was at the Boutique Wine Farm Wallovale owned and managed by Paul and Nicky Wallace. On arrival we were ushered into their quaint Tasting Room which originally served as servants quarters, there we were introduced to Paul and Nicky whom then guided us down to their stoep for our introduction to their selection of wines. Paul gave us a brief history on how they became the proud owners of their wine farm and then we proceeded to taste and learn more about their special wines namely "Little Flirt" Sauvignon Blanc"Black Dog" Malbec and "Brave Heart" Pinot Noir. Once the tasting was over we headed into the Vineyards to learn more about the vines, how to cut and harvest the grapes and Paul also shared his infinite and extensive knowledge on growing grapes as well as wine making, brilliant to learn from the expert.

We then set off to Bodemloos Kombuis - the home of apples, apples and more apples. We were greeted by Maryke Van Niekerk owner of the farm and Willie one of the farm hands, we then set off on the farm trekker to the apple orchards for our tutorial on how to pick apples. After our 101 on apple picking we were all enthusiastic to get our apple picking on - not too difficult but a rather back breaking business. I couldn't resist the temptation (much like Eve) to grab an apple for myself... Crunching into the divine sweetness was an experience I won't forget. We all headed back to the Bodemloos Kombuis where we all shared our Instagram Pics, chatted about the day we had while enjoying sun downers and watching the sun set over another glorious day in the Overberg.


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