Wonderful Whale Watching In Walker Bay

Posted by Charlise on Tue August 19, 2014 in Whale Watching in Walker Bay Hermanus.

Geoff and I got up close and personal with the Southern Right Wales in Walker Bay

 We had the most incredible Whale Spotting ever this weekend.

On Saturday armed with our Cameras, Binoculars and a bottle of Vino we set off to Gearings Point and Walker bay. Tiago and Bubbles tagged along as they love their weekly stand offs with the Dassies on the Cliffs.

As we settled down we saw that there were quite a couple of whales in the bay, just rolling and playing in groups. Not expecting to see too much excitement we were quite happy just to watch them bob and weave in the swells. The next minute we were pleasantly surprised when a magnificent Southern Right Whale breached 700 meters in front of us.  From our experience and unbeknown to tourist’s watching the whales, a whale breaches between 3 and 5 times in succession with approximately 28 counts between each breach. This gives onlookers time to ready their lenses and makes for amazing photography, capturing these phenomenal creatures catapulting their 80 to 100 ton bodies into the air with absolute ease and agility.
In total we saw 9 breaches – three of which were three whales next to each other putting on a spectacular show all breaching in unison.

Sundays Whale Spotting adventure left us even more spoilt for choice. As we arrive at Walker bay, we were walking down the cliff to our “whale spotting spot” and a lady was pointing at what we thought to be a seal in the bay at the Old Harbour. To our absolute delight it was a lonesome whale weaving thru the Kelp about twenty meters from where we were standing – watching this soulful creature meander towards us was truly a humbling experience. We were even more delighted when we next saw a Mom and Baby following the first whale along the same route. Mommy nudging Baby along and guiding her little one in the right direction.

WOW is an understatement… After having witnessed and captured our experience on film we can undoubtedly say that Hermanus is The Whale Watching Capital of the World.

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