WOW, to our Boat Based Whale Watching Experience

Posted by Charlise on Tue September 2, 2014 in Whale Watching in Walker Bay Hermanus.

We went out with Southern Right Charters and it was the experience of a lifetime!!!

Geoff and I woke up to the most beautiful 1st September Spring Day morning. After weeks if not months of putting off our Boat Based Whale Watching trip we decided at number 99 that it was the PERFECT day to go.

Grabbing our cameras, video cam and wind breakers we set off to Southern Right Whale Charters, both being equally excited about what we were about to see. After a short briefing about the behaviour and feeding habits of whales by Whale Specialist Guide and Professional Photographer - Ken Moore we all climbed abroad the Catamaran Miroshca. We settled into our seats in the front of the Cat on the open air viewing deck. Engines roared to life and off we set.

The Boat ride across Walker Bay was breathtakingly beautiful and took about 20 minutes. When we reached our destination everyone got their cameras ready and as if on cue the first three whales majestically appeared in the distance. Ken – our Whale Specialist Guide explained that Whales are very inquisitive by nature and that they will be swimming towards the boat to come and investigate. As true as bob a few minutes later they were graciously swimming around the Cat “Spyhopping” to see what and who we were. Not only do humans whale watch, whales watch us too:)

Ken soon alerted us of another school swimming towards us. At first we thought there were only two, but then we counted three, then four, then five!!! The crowd on the Cat all cheered and clapped their hands – Cameras clicking none stop. We thought this was heaven but the whales had only just begun their “Show” for us. Geoff kept saying “Breach for us Whale Fishy” and no sooner had he said it, one of them launched its Mammoth body into the air as if he had heard us…Five breaches seconds after each other… Words cannot describe how incredible this was.

Ken then told us to keep our Cameras ready as we were about to see the whale “Lobtailing”. Low and behold he swam up to the Cat and with perfect motion gradually lifted his huge tail out of the water and slapped it onto the ocean surface with a loud slapping sound. This happened again only the second time he was completely Vertical in the water – OMG amazing!!!

The show was not over yet – when one whale breaches it causes a ripple effect and soon after we had another two whales breach and “lobtail” approximately 20 meters from the boat. As we thought it was time to head on back to shore Geoff spotted a whale right next to the Cat – he saw the callosities on the whales head and on the bonnet and thought that the whale was just going to pop his head out of the water but to our absolute amazement his whole body surfaced… He was the full length of the Cat and graciously swam alongside us as if to bid us farewell.

This trip was beyond anything we expected and our adrenalin was still pumping when we got home. This trip has proven in more ways than one why Hermanus is the Whale Capital of the World and also why BBC has put Whale Watching on their top 3 things to do on your “Bucket List” We love sharing our Whale Watching experiences with all of you and there are many more photo’s and videos to come… Check out our Article on Tips and To Do's when spotting whales in the bay. Watch this space and Enjoy!!!

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